Wool scouring

Ilych Wool Washers Ltd. provides the service of commission scouring for its customers.

The company concentrates its efforts on receiving in the result of processing scoured wool that corresponds to established standards. Compliance with the principle of providing high quality services enables the factory to retain existing customers, attracting new customers, including clients from abroad.

Ilych Wool Washers Ltd. has a capacity to process at high quality up to 180 tons of greasy wool a week, reaching an amount of 8000 tons of greasy wool a year, providing employees two days off per week. Moreover the company treats all types of fleece: fine merino, fine mixed, semi-fine tsigal, crossbred, crossbred type one, semi-fine mixed, semi-thick, thick.

The process of wool sorting is carried out in a spacious sorting area with 28 tables and mechanized supply of wool in the containers. The wool is being scoured by two washers MP-5SH with soap-soda solution, ensuring the durability of wool fiber and fine appearance. Wool that is scoured at Ilych Wool Washers Ltd. behaves well when post-processing (carding, spinning, dyeing, etc).